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Cabin Beds for Kids | Find the best cabin beds for kids, for you, and for your home
Cabin Beds for Kids

Cabin beds for kids are an excellent way to get the best out of the space you have available. Cabin beds are stylish, practical so parents love them. More importantly(as far as children are concerned!) they are fun! This means they can be a great way to help younger children want to go to sleep in their rooms.

Cabin beds can also help older children who would like to spend more time playing, or hanging out in their bedrooms, but find that space is limited, or they don’t have the space to do what they want.

What are cabin beds for kids?

Traditionally, cabin beds consisted of a bunk bed at the top, with wardrobe and drawers underneath, in place of the bottom bunk. This style and design made them extremely popular because they could be used in all sizes of bedrooms. Cabin beds will even fit smaller bedrooms, without worrying about needing extra space for wardrobes and drawers.

The fact that cabin beds for kids keep everything self-contained like this means that there is still be space for children to play and it helps bedrooms to feel more spacious.

What types of cabin beds for kids are available?

Over the last few years, cabin beds have become more widely available. This also means that they are now also available in a wider choice of styles, including:

You’ll find lots more styles of cabin beds on our website and we will continue to add the latest and best new designs, as they become available.

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Full Range of Cabin Beds for Kids
Cabin Bed with Desk

A cabin bed with desk is a great way for kids and teens to be able to have a desk in their bedroom, without taking up too much space. If you imagine how much space a bed, wardrobes, drawers and desk would take up in a bedroom, space restrictions often mean that you have to...[Read more]

Cabin Beds for Small Rooms

Cabin beds for small rooms are the perfect way to make the use of limited space. Cabin bed were originally designed to be compact and self contained. Cabin beds for small rooms are fun! Not only are cabin beds fun for children, but they are practical, modern and stylish too. Some are designed with a[Read more]

Cabin Beds with Wardrobe

Cabin beds with wardrobe could be conisdered the complete package. Most cabin beds come with some sort of storage, but sometimes you need cabin beds with wardrobes. This is especially so when there wouldn’t otherwise be enough space in a smaller bedroom to fit both a bed and wardrobe. At times[Read more]

White Cabin Bed

Cabin beds are great for children’s rooms because they can combine things like wardrobes, drawers, desks and bed all in one self-contained unit. A white cabin bed can offer a fresh, elegant and stylish look to your children’s bedrooms. Versatile white cabin bed A white cabin bed will com[Read more]

Cabin Beds for Girls

There are lots of pretty bedding and soft furnishings to make any cabin bed fit for a princess. But, there are also special cabin beds for girls, for when your little girl wants that extra sprinkle of princess magic. Cabin beds for girls are available in pick and white, as well as pink with natural.[Read more]

Cabin Beds for Boys

Although you can buy a regular cabin bed in a neutral colour and jazz it up with bedding to make it appropriate for a boy, you might want to buy a cabin bed that’s designed specifically for boys. The good news is that you’ll find cabin beds for boys in styles that will suit younger,...[Read more]

Cheap Cabin Beds

If you’re thinking about buying a cabin bed, you might be put off the idea, by thinking that they’re expensive. But, the good news is, there are cheap cabin beds for kids. Some cabin beds don’t come with the mattress included. So, it’s possible to buy the frame and use your e[Read more]

Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed

Children love bunk beds but, sometimes, there isn’t space for bunk beds, or they’re not necessary when your child has their own bedroom and doesn’t have to share with siblings. It’s times like this when a mid sleeper cabin bed can kill 2 birds with one stone: It allows your c[Read more]

Cabin Beds for Teenagers

Cabin beds for teenagers can be a great way for them to put their own stamp on their bedroom and have something a little funky. Cabin beds have a bed as the top bunk and wardrobes, cupboards, shelves and desks underneath. These can be great space-savers and work extremely well in small bedrooms. Cab[Read more]

Julian Bowen Cabin Bed

If you’re looking for a stylish and well known brand, a Julian Bowen cabin bed could be perfect for you. These cabin beds for kids are practical and look smart as well. They are designed with functionality in mind, without compromising on the style, or quality of materials. A Julian Bowen cabi[Read more]

Cabin Beds with Storage

If you have a small bedroom, or you’re looking for the perfect all-in-one solution for your children’s bedrooms, cabin beds with storage could be the answer. Cabin beds for kids are great when space is limited, or you want to keep everything neat, tidy and organised. Cabin beds with stor[Read more]

High Sleeper Cabin Bed

A high sleeper cabin bed is perfect for older children and teenagers. They like the quirkiness of a high sleeper and the fact that cabin beds are self-contained means that they free up floor space. This can make them feel like they have more of their own independence and space to hang out. Many olde[Read more]